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About Lloyd’s Maritime Institute:

Lloyd’s Maritime Institute is a global institute providing a program fully based on distance learning, all course materials are delivered through our online platform which will allow for student more flexibility in time.

Global accreditation and membership:

Our Institute is affiliated to BIMCO and the courses are accredited and recognized by The International Association of Marine Consultant & Surveyors (IAMCS).

Our courses:

LMI courses are accredited in Maritime Surveying, Shipping, and Logistics, they are adapted and personalized to suits your needs and lifestyle.
The courses are practical and easy to understand and to implement in the work environment, your online course is facilitated by your personal e-Tutor and a Personal Course Plan is sent to you each week by your e-Tutor to assist you to meet your study schedule.

Our e-Tutors:

Our course writers are international experts with 20+ years' experience in this specialized industry, our educational team will upload the course materials and the assignments in your e-learning space, is important to highlight that our educational team will be supporting you whenever you need to ensure that you succeed in your training.

Our student’s successes:

Our students go on to achieve their personal business objectives by enriching their knowledge base through our courses, which gives them confidence to pursue their career ambitions.

Our e-learning platform:

The comfort of your home or office, easy online access to our modules, we are accessible to all students across the globe. Students have 24 / 7 access to information via our online campus accessing our course portal and library. We have recently added a student forum for questions and networking.

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