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Website: http://www.iamsp.org/partners
E-mail: iamsp@iamsp.org

The International Association of Marine and Shipping Professionals (IAMSP), founded in 2015 with a growing membership of 800 members throughout the world, made up of shipowners, professional organisations and service companies, Charter Brokers, Traders, Shipping Agents, Marine Surveyors, Stevedores…) IAMSP is the ideal network if you require global coverage, local business knowledge and expertise in the maritime field, contribute to promote marine activities related to the shipping industry, likewise it provide competences and expertise-developing educational forum for professionals. Combining the strength of the members with their expertise, IAMSP had created a solid database providing unique access to a range of international influencers on a global level.


Website: http://expert-conseil-maritime.com/partenaires.php?lng=fr
E-mail: contact@fiem.fr

The FIEM is a professional association founded in 1983 for the purpose of promoting the profession across the world, forming groups of marine surveyors and advisers in order to help them in the most varied areas of their practice and respecting the rights of maritime consumers, users and professionals.Defending and representing the profession of marine surveyor with regard to professional bodies.


Website: https://www.intercargo.org/members/lloyds-maritime-institute/
E-mail: info@intercargo.org

INTERCARGO is the short name for the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners. It was established in 1980 with the objective of giving a voice to shipowners, managers and operators of dry cargo vessels and represent better this shipping sector. The power of INTERCARGO, like its partner shipping associations, is that collectively, it is possible to change bulk carrier industry for the better in a world where one bulk carrier shipowner acting on its own finds it most difficult to make itself heard and facilitate progress. INTERCARGO works closely with the other international maritime associations – BIMCO, INTERTANKO and the International Chamber of Shipping who, together with INTERCARGO, comprise the Round Table of International Shipping Associations. The aim of the Round Table is to maximise the benefit to members and to avoid costly and inefficient duplication of activity. We believe that this strategy of working together is in the best interests of our collective memberships.


Website: https://www.bimco.org/
E-mail: advice@bimco.org

BIMCO which was founded under the title of "The Baltic and White Sea Conference" in Copenhagen in 1905 was the first organisation to see the benefit in joining forces with other countries to secure better deals and standard agreements in shipping. As the organisation grew and became more international it was renamed -The Baltic and International Maritime Council –and at present day – simply BIMCO. BIMCO is now the world’s largest international shipping association, with more than 2,200 members globally. They provide a wide range of services to their global membership – which includes shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents. BIMCO is also recognised worldwide for the clarity, consistency and certainty of its standard maritime contracts. Our aim is to produce flexible commercial agreements that are fair to both parties. BIMCO work with industry experts to produce modern contracts tailored to specific trades and activities.

NAMS Global

Organization:NAMS Global
Website: http://www.namsglobal.org
E-mail: office@namsglobal.org

The National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMSGlobal), established in 1962, is a professional organization that certifies marine surveyors and provides continuing education opportunities. NAMSGlobal’s membership is international and its Certified Marine Surveyor members carry the NAMS-CMS designation after their names. From pleasure boats & yachts to commercial ships, NAMSGlobal marine surveyor members survey new and used vessels to determine their condition and value. NAMSGlobal surveyor members also survey cargo, machinery, docks, wharfs, marinas, and handling equipment related to the marine industry.


Website: https://www.intertanko.com/
E-mail: Phillip.Blanshard@intertanko.com

INTERTANKO is the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners. INTERTANKO has been the voice of independent tanker owners since 1970, ensuring that the liquid energy that keeps the world turning is shipped safely, responsibly and competitively. Membership is open to independent tanker owners and operators of oil, chemical and gas tankers, i.e. non-oil companies and non-state controlled tanker owners, who fulfil the Association's membership criteria. As of January 2017, the organisation had 205 members, whose combined fleet comprises some 3,805 tankers totalling over 332 million dwt. INTERTANKO's Associate Membership stands at some 260 companies and organisations related to the tanker industry.

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