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Classification and Statutory Training Certificate

Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk


In this course we will discuss matters related to the vessels Carriage of liquefied gases in bulk onboard. The liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in the United States and other countries was developed to link huge gas reserves in geographically remote parts of the world with regions in need of more natural gas. For example, Japan and Korea import LNG to meet almost all their natural gas needs, and half of Spain's natural gas demand is met through the importing of LNG. 

Most liquefied gases are hydrocarbons and the key property that makes hydrocarbons the world‟s primary energy source – combustibility – also makes them inherently hazardous. Because these gases are handled in large quantities, it is imperative that all practical steps are taken while carrying through sea transports.


This course is ideal for anyone who works as, or alongside, marine surveyors and want to expand their knowledge of class and statutory surveys. The course is also beneficial to personnel engaged within classification societies and statutory bodies themselves.

Benefits of the Course

  • In this module we will discuss matters related to the vessels Carriage of liquefied gases in bulk onboard;
  • This course provides a full understanding of Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk;
  • You will be able to cope with this area with much more confidence;
  • Gain the qualification without taking time away from your work and other commitments.

Who Should Attend

  • Technical Managers;
  • Fleet Managers;
  • Superintendents;
  • Other professionals….

Course Content

  • Materials of cargo tank construction and insulation of modern liquefied gas carriers;
  • Tank Insulation;
  • Cargo Containment Systems in Liquefied Gas Carriers;
  • Independent Tanks.


I found the course very useful and the materials loaded with detailed information. The entire literature is very good for daily consultation in my work"

Mr. Ali Farah : Djibouti, Risk of Reliability Analyst.

"Excellent course. It increased my technical knowledge»

Mr. Owolawi Michael : Nigeria, Business Development Manager.

“I found my course very interesting and has proved very rewarding for myself, to enable me better prospects i my current job.”

Mr. Oliver sou :  Angola, Marine Surveyor.

“The course in general was extremely interesting and exciting to complete. The tutor was a great sport with replies the same day which is very useful when trying to get an assignment done! Overall the change was there but made easier by the tutor that is provided 10/10”

Mr. Eren Akca :  Italy ,Chef Engineer.


Is this program available online?

Yes, it’s based on distance learning

In what language is this program taught?

Our courses are conducted in English

What’s the duration of the course?

This course takes 3 months to be completed.

What kind of examination I need to take to pass the course?

To pass this course you need to pass a final test, you are advised to submit it  by the date given on your Study Schedule,

Can I get an extension?

You have the opportunity to extend the length of your course by an extra 1 month at no additional charges.

Who recognized this training?

Our courses are recognized by leading organizations such as IAMSA, NAMS Global, INTERCARGO, and IAMSP.

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