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Classification and Statutory Training Certificate

Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk

Who Should Attend

  • Technical Managers;
  • Fleet Managers;
  • Superintendents;
  • Other professionals…

Course Objectives

Understand general information on shipbuilding, class systematic, ship’s operation condition and critical points, hull structure and force flow, strength concept & design points, general hull rules and the background, etc.

What will you gain?

Improve the quality of your hull inspections and your ability to evaluate the criticality of structural defects. During the course will learn about the basic functions of a ship’s hull. Throughout the course, you are introduced to basic strength theory in a way that is simple but suitable for understanding the structural response of complex ship structures.

Course Content

  • Hazards associated with the transport of bulk chemicals;
  • Probable strengths;
  • Probable weaknesses;
  • Probable threats for carriage of chemical liquids by tankers;
  • Chemicals carried in bulk;
  • Transport of vegetable oils;
  • Consequential amendments to the IBC Code;
  • Chemicals carried in packaged form.


Mr. Oliver SOU: Marine Surveyor, Angola.

 “I found my course very interesting and has proved very rewarding for myself, to enable me better prospects i my current job.”

Mr. Eren Akca: Chef Engineer, Italy.

 “The course in general was extremely interesting and exciting to complete. The tutor was a great sport with replies the same day which is very useful when trying to get an assignment done! Overall the change was there but made easier by the tutor that is provided 10/10”

Mr. RAMIREZ David:

I liked the feedback provided by the tutor. It was good to know that what I wrote was actually being read and asked to redo when my work was not up to par.

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