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Classification and Statutory Training Certificate

Noxious Liquid Substances Pollution Prevention

Who Should Attend

  • Technical Managers;
  • Fleet Managers;
  • Superintendents;
  • Other professionals….

Course Objectives

This course is ideal for anyone who works as, or alongside, marine surveyors and want to expand their knowledge of class and statutory surveys. The course is also beneficial to personnel engaged within classification societies and statutory bodies themselves.

What will you gain?

  • Understand the transfer procedure between classification societies and how it affects the survey;
  • Recognize the steps undertaken in a class survey and how to prepare for them;
  • Understand and prepare for statutory surveys.

Course Content

  • List of Substances The Ship May Carry;
  • Pumping System;
  • Stripping System;
  • Tank‐Washing System Equipment;
  • Underwater Discharge Arrangement.


Mr. Oliver SOU: Marine Surveyor, Angola.

 “I found my course very interesting and has proved very rewarding for myself, to enable me better prospects i my current job.”

Mr. Eren Akca: Chef Engineer, Italy.

 “The course in general was extremely interesting and exciting to complete. The tutor was a great sport with replies the same day which is very useful when trying to get an assignment done! Overall the change was there but made easier by the tutor that is provided 10/10”

Mr. RAMIREZ David:

I liked the feedback provided by the tutor. It was good to know that what I wrote was actually being read and asked to redo when my work was not up to par.

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