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Marine Surveying Advanced Professional Diploma

Expert in Cargo Damage Claims


Organizations, as well as people, often feel very uneasy whenever they hear that their cargo has been damaged on delivery. The item might be something they ordered online, or a container they want to reach a certain destination safely, as an exporter or importer. 

The damage of a container or cargo is inevitable when goods are being shipped from one destination to another. Therefore, there is a clear procedure that a logistics company can follow to claim compensation for the damaged goods and here comes the role of the surveyor; with this course you will discover how to conduct a successful Cargo Damage Claims survey.


With this course, you will develop and deepen your knowledge of Marine Surveying, students engage with a range of exciting and challenging topics such as surveying the hull, safety & operational surveys ,incident and accident investigation.
The course also covers essential subjects such as Writing the survey report, legal aspects and insurance. 
You will learn the skills required to conduct a survey efficiently and effectively. 

Benefits of the Course

  • A chance to reinforce and enhance your career path opportunities within the surveying industry and become an Accredited Marine Surveyor;
  • Surveying professionals who pass the Diploma course have the opportunity to gain a Certificate of Competency in Marine Surveying;
  • Provides specialist expert knowledge of the industry from authors who are currently running their own surveying business.

Who Should Attend

  • Freight forwarders;
  • Marine Surveyors;
  • Technical Superintendent;
  • Shipping Officers;
  • Shipping Industry Starters;
  • Other Professionals.

Course Content

4 Compulsory subjects:
  • Introduction to Marine Surveying Profession;
  • Reports and Report Writing;
  • Essential Law for Cargo and Marine Surveyors;
  • Naval Architecture & Ship Stability.
+6 Speciality subjects:
  • Chemical Cargo Surveying;
  • Petroleum Products Surveying;
  • Marine Insurance;
  • Draught Surveying;
  • Dry Bulk Cargoes Surveying;
  • Containers Cargoes Surveying;


Mr. Jose RODRIGEZ: surveyor in East Cost Marine Mozambique.

The course covered a lot of information, delivered in good way and easy to absorb. The structure was clear, logical and effective. LMI has obviously put a lot of thought and expertise into it.

Mr. KARDASILARIS DIMITRIS: Staff captain- Greece.

Very happy with the course I took here. Originally, I was a bit unsure of what to expect as I had never done anything to do with distance learning at all, but the content of the course and the way in which the tutor helped me it was extremely easy to follow. 

Mr. Lilian aghaunor: Marine Executive in Hull Blyth – Nigeria.

I have found a new appreciation and understanding of the world of Marine Surveying. My level of knowledge is higher than ever and I have seen a vast improvement in my skills.”


Can I pay for this program in installments?

Yes, you can pay the total amount by installments

Is this program available online?

Yes, it’s based on distance learning

In what language is this program taught?

Our courses are conducted in English

What’s the duration of the course?

We offer a flexible route of earning, means that you can vary the pace of study if life gets in the way of learning. The training requires normally a minimum of 10 hours/week to complete the diploma in 12 months with additional time required to complete the student assignments. 

What kind of examination I need to take to pass the course?

All Modules will be assessed by an assignment. These assignments will be uploaded and available to you when the Module is issued and will be assessed by the Module assessor.

Who recognized this training?

Our courses are recognized by leading organizations such as IAMSA, NAMS Global, INTERCARGO, and IAMSP.

Can I postpone or extend the duration of the course?

You may be able to postpone your course under extenuating circumstances and will need to give justifying information in order to be considered and you have the opportunity to extend the length of your course by an extra 3 months at no additional charges.

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