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Shipping Management Training Certificate

Liquid Cargo Chartering


Students will be expected to be able to draw simple plans of main vessel types and identify main characteristics and dimensions.


Students will be expected to be able to draw simple plans of main vessel types and identify main characteristics and dimensions.

Benefits of the Course

  • Understand the role of the different market practitioners: charterers, ship-owners, operators, oil companies, state companies and trading companies;
  • Understand the structure of the international tanker chartering market and the relative importance of the major market centers;
  • Thoroughly understand the role of the broker and its relationship to the principals as an agent;
  • Be aware of the tendency for only one broker to be involved in tanker chartering;
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different methods of communication.

Who Should Attend

  • Recent graduates looking for a career within the shipping industry;
  • Shipping professionals who wish to enrich their know-how and improve their professional status;
  • Nautical Officers;
  • Officers of the Merchant Marine serving both at sea & onshore;   
  • Young professionals with the determination to enter the shipping industry;
  • Etc

Course Content

  •         History and development
  •          Geography for tanker chartering
  •          The market structure
  •          Voyage estimating
  •         Chartering market practice
  •         Tanker voyage charter parties
  •          Tanker time charters
  •          Tanker laytime…


"This course has opened some major doors for me and has begun for me a very exciting career in the Shipping industry”

Mr. Sheyi Bodunde : Nigeria, Safety Officer.

“Excellent course material with a lot of information and links to get an in-depth knowledge on each one subject by very experienced tutors attentively assessing the assignments with valuable comments, great staff ready to clarify promptly any question providing high quality flexible distance learning course. Dedication is required to have it completed successfully. Using practical examples to support your assignments is encouraged and appreciated”

Mrs. LUYANDA MTSHINI :  South Africa, Marine Engineer.


Is this program available online?

Yes, it’s based on distance learning

In what language is this program taught?

Our courses are conducted in English

What’s the duration of the course?

This course takes 3 months to be completed.

What kind of examination I need to take to pass the course?

To pass this course you need to pass a final test, you are advised to submit it  by the date given on your Study Schedule,

Can I get an extension?

You have the opportunity to extend the length of your course by an extra 1 month at no additional charges.

Who recognized this training?

Our courses are recognized by leading organizations such as IAMSA, NAMS Global, INTERCARGO, and IAMSP.

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