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SMS / QSHE Standards Training Certificate

Incident Investigation

Who Should Attend

Personnel who may be required to investigate or participate in the investigation of complex incidents including:

  • Ship captains;
  • Chief engineers;
  • Port captains / superintendents, vessel / fleet managers;
  • Technical department managers, safety directors / managers or their equivalent.

Course Objectives

This course is intended to provide participants with an understanding of the ABS methodology for investigating incidents and analyzing management system performance to solve problems and optimize performance. The application of widely used investigative tools can make the analysis more effective and efficient. This course helps develop skills for structuring an investigation program for a company.         

What will you gain?

  • Learn how to investigate complex incidents and identify root causes, not just causal factors, using proven techniques;
  • Gained the skills needed to confidently conduct a marine accident investigation;
  • Understanding the reasons behind carrying out an investigation;
  • How to carry out an investigation…

Course Content

  • Incident Investigation basics and terminology;
  • Process of incident investigations;
  • Interviewing and facts gathering techniques;
  • Root Cause Analysis;
  • Practical Incident Investigation Execution…


Mr. Haniff Muhammad: Safety Officer, Singapore.

“My tutor was very helpful and got back to me quickly. He offered good advice and great support. If I had any questions she had no trouble answering them efficiently, giving me the information and advice I needed. I learned a lot from the course and would definitely recommend the course to anyone wanting to gain some experience and knowledge in events and wedding planning.”

Mr. Davis DONALD: Port Security Specialist -U.S. Coast Guard.

This course was well organized & the tutor was very helpful and knowledgeable on the subject.

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