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Cargo Surveying Training Certificate

General Cargoes Surveying

Who Should Attend

  • Practicing cargo agents;
  • Freight forwarders;
  • Cargo Claim officers;
  • Shipping officers;
  • Shipping Industry starters;
  • Cargo consolidators;
  • Other professionals.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the course were to train participant to carry out General Cargoes Surveying, conducts inspections of marine vessels, to evaluate and report on their condition and/or the products in them.

What will you gain?

  • Conducts inspections of marine vessels to evaluate and report on their condition and/or the products in them.
  • Examine the underwater section of hull while the ship is dry-docked to ascertain conditions that indicate repairs are required.
  • Physically take readings on tail shaft and tail shaft bearings, inspect the conditions of propellers, rudders.

Course Content

  • Marine surveyor- defined;
  • Definition and defining a general cargo ship;
  • General cargo hazards and general principles of stowage;
  • General cargo loss or damages;
  • General cargo types;
  • Ship types – descriptive;
  • Refrigerated cargo;
  • Overall cargo load planning;
  • Cargo hand ling gear;
  • Loading and discharging of cargo vessels…


Mr. SIDDIG Atif:  Marine Surveyor, Sudan.

“I found this training excellent and could answer all questions asked and delivered the course in an interesting format”

Mr.Wiest LUIS HERNANDO: Independent surveyor-Colombia.

 An extremely professional set up, a fantastic Institute. Highly recommended. I'll be back!

Mr. Pace JESMAR: SGS lead surveyor – Malta.

A true and professional way of teaching in such a short time.

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