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Cargo Surveying Advanced Professional Diploma

Expert in Dry Bulk Cargoes Surveying


Cargo which may be loose, granular, free-flowing or solid, such as grain, coal, and ore, and is shipped in bulk rather than in package form. Dry bulk cargo is usually handled by specialized mechanical handling equipment at specially designed dry bulk terminals; therefore the dry bulk surveyor should be in position to:

  • Practice a draft survey to determine the cargo quantity loaded or discharged from vessel.
  • Hold inspection for cargo suitability and water tightness before loading.
  • Practice a pre-shipment survey of cargo to determine the cargo readiness and sampling for quality test.
  • Do an inspection of cargo before discharging from vessel and sampling for quality test.

Our course is fully covering these areas and more.


The aim of this course is to offer a detailed grounding in Cargo Surveying to enable a surveyor to competently assess the condition of a cargo.
The basic function of a Marine Cargo Surveyor is to inspect and report on damage to transported goods for insurance purposes.
Covers the loading and securing of cargoes, inspection of the discharge of cargoes and also risk assessments for transporting and storing.

Benefits of the Course

The benefits of studying with the Institute is that you become a Student Member of the International Association of Marine Consultants and Surveyors whilst training and you can therefore participate in all Association activities, including face to face courses, seminars and conferences.
This course attempts to cover all aspects of a survey from receipt of instructions to presentation of the report. The students will be in a position to understand how they should be expected to conduct a cargo survey.
Qualify the participants as Accredited Cargo surveyors, Superintendents, quality manager, lead auditors, ship's inspectors.

Who Should Attend

  • Practicing cargo agents;
  • Freight forwarders;
  • Cargo Claim officers;
  • Shipping officers;
  • Shipping Industry starters;
  • cargo consolidators;
  • other professionals...

Course Content

3 Compulsory subjects:

  • Introduction to Cargo Surveying Profession;
  • Reports and Report writing;
  • Essential Law for Cargo and Marine Surveyors;
+1 Specialty subject:
  • Expert in Dry Bulk Cargoes Surveying;


Mr. Breit CONRAD: NAMS surveyors – USA.

What comes to my mind when I think of LMI is an institute that supports your vision and provides the right people and materials for your educational desires.

Mr. Bose ARUNESH: Surveyor at Lloyd’s register EMEA – UK.

I had a lot of reservations about taking courses online, but that is my entire schedule allows for right now. The LMI staff has made my journey through online education rewarding and enjoyable. I have learned so much in my time with them.

Mr. VOGELWEITH Michael: Inspectorate Senior surveyor – Belgium.

Online learning through Lloyd’s Maritime Institute allowed me to fulfill my professional course while maintaining my active lifestyle.  The tutor was readily accessible for lessons and questions through the web and I loved being able to adapt my studying schedule as needed from week to week.


Can I pay for this program in installments?

Yes, you can pay the total amount by installments

Is this program available online?

Yes, it’s based on distance learning

In what language is this program taught?

Our courses are conducted in English

What’s the duration of the course?

We offer a flexible route of earning, means that you can vary the pace of study if life gets in the way of learning. The training requires normally a minimum of 10 hours/week to complete the diploma in 12 months with additional time required to complete the student assignments. 

What kind of examination I need to take to pass the course?

All Modules will be assessed by an assignment. These assignments will be uploaded and available to you when the Module is issued and will be assessed by the Module assessor.

Who recognized this training?

Our courses are recognized by leading organizations such as IAMSA, NAMS Global, INTERCARGO, and IAMSP.

Can I postpone or extend the duration of the course?

You may be able to postpone your course under extenuating circumstances and will need to give justifying information in order to be considered and you have the opportunity to extend the length of your course by an extra 3 months at no additional charges.

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