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Cargo Surveying Advanced Diploma

Expert in Cargo Container Inspection


To produce competent and knowledgeable graduates for maritime related field; survey & inspection management, shipping, logistics & transportation and international trade. To produce quality graduates who are knowledgeable and competent in the Survey and Inspection Management, Shipping, Logistics and Transport, and import export. This program specializes in ship inspection, cargo and container handling.
Our course is fully covering these areas and more.


This course has been designed to provide marine cargo specialists and operations staff with solid marine knowledge required to understand the role of the marine cargo surveyor and the details of the surveys, inspections, claims and investigations for cargoes and damage to cargoes so they can perform as effective marine cargo surveyors.
Anyone who services the global cargo inspection market and feels they would benefit from a more structured knowledge of the elements of commodities trade and inspections will find the course extremely beneficial.


There are no prerequisites for this Course, however, in order to fully benefit from the training, it is recommended that the participants are either new entrants to the shipping industry or professional staff in shipping companies, ship brokers, port agencies, insurance inspectors, banks and similar service organisations can gain a valuable understanding of their customers' roles and responsibilities. The comprehensive documentation that accompanies the course has been designed as a useful guide for future reference.

Who Should Attend

  • Practicing cargo agents;
  • Freight forwarders;
  • Cargo Claim officers;
  • Shipping officers;
  • Shipping Industry starters;
  • cargo consolidators;
  • other professionals.

Course Content

3 Compulsory subjects:

  • Introduction to Cargo Surveying Profession;
  • Reports and Report writing;
  • Essential Law for Cargo and Marine Surveyors;
+1 Specialty subject:
  • Expert in Containers Cargoes Surveying;

Compliance with regulations

• Lloyd’s Maritime Institute is an accredited training institution by the International Association of Marine Consultants and Surveyors.
• The LMI methodology and tools are based upon long-term experience of Cargo surveying development training and best practices.
• Adhering to the rules as set by by the United Nations and the Economic Commission for Europe Code of uniform standards and procedures for the performance of draught surveys.

Assessment and Certification

Digital badge

Tutors Gateway

Our tutors are renowned trainers and managers with strong academic and industry backgrounds, with sector-specific skills and practical experience. They are therefore able to bring a wealth of up to date experience and competency.

Learning materials

All participants in this course will be provided with a wealth of documentation, including slide presentations, case studies and exercises. The course material is current and accurate and is regarded as the most comprehensive study material of its kind at this level.



Course Content


Each module is expected to involve 6 hours of learning time each week, making a total of 52 hours per 2 months period and the associated tests might be completed in less than 2 hours. The training sections does not have to be completed in one session, you may return to it as often as you like, the system will bookmark your last page so you are returned directly to where you exited the program.


This course will remain open for 2 months for completion or revision starting from date of course uploading on the student portal. One or more extensions of study totalling not more than 3 months may be requested by a student and authorised by the Course Director. The request should be made at least one day prior to the end of the period of study. Further extensions are used where exceptional circumstances necessitate extension of the normal period of study in order to complete the final test. An agreed extension may involve the payment of small additional fees.

Teaching Methods

In line with the LMI’s general approach and the best international standards, the course is designed with the aim of providing excellent training with an emphasis to its concrete application in the job, professional and company principal related activities. Therefore, the course involves mainly independent study with the assistance of the educational team; study time in general it is to be spent on activities such as study of the lecture course material and textbooks, preparing your coursework in order to be ready to take the final test. Your progress in the subjects taught will be tested and consolidated through exercises related to actual cargo surveying cases.

Modes of attendance, Duration

This course can be attended in two ways:

1. On line, via a cutting-edge web platform

2. In house, i.e. at your workplace subject to availability of a minimum of 10 participants.

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