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The course objective is to train participants to carry out bunker surveying to comply with the requirements, procedures and documentation in accordance with the Standard SS600:2014 — Code of Practice for Bunkering. Throughout the entire course, the student can expect to be challenged with real-life scenarios while acquiring the fundamental skills necessary to accurately determine the quantity of fuel aboard a ship, specifically: • Fuel tank measurement techniques; • Projecting onboard fuel quantity using consumption rates; • Application of fuel tank volume tables/application of mathematical corrections; • Deciphering unusual vessel tank data; • Avoiding common errors.


To train participants to carry out bunker surveying to comply with the requirements, procedures and documentation in accordance with the Standard SS600:2014 — Code of Practice for Bunkering. It also provides appropriate instructions for their daily work as well as possible responses to scenarios and issues Bunker Surveyors or Cargo Officers might face with Mass Flow Metering in bunkering, with reference to TR 48:2015 Technical Reference.

Minimum Entry Requirements

There are no prerequisites for this Course, however, in order to fully benefit from the training, it is recommended that the participants are either new entrants to the shipping industry or professional staff in shipping companies, ship brokers, port agencies, insurance inspectors, banks and similar service organisations can gain a valuable understanding of their customers roles and responsibilities.
The comprehensive documentation that accompanies the course has been designed as a useful guide for future reference.

Who Should Attend

The Maritime field is extremely broad and brings about relationships with a variety of people with varying levels of experience from the many different aspects of shipping therefore this Course is suitable for a broad range of maritime related professionals and regularly attracts ships’ officers and shore-based management staff.
But the course is also valuable to Classification Societies, Marine Insurers, P&I Club Managers, Port Authorities and Coast Guard personnel amongst others.
The course is conducted online and provides a wonderful chance to build your international professional network without having to afford any travel expenses. Often more than 10 nationalities participate and are introduced to each other thanks to our education portal features.

  • Producers, Traders or Commodities Brokers and Suppliers
  • Ship agent, Shipbrokers
  • Shipowners, Charterers, Shippers and Maritime Attorneys
  • Purchasers and Technical Managers and Superintendents
  • Captains, Chief Engineers and Ship Staff
  • Insurance Company Underwriters, claims handlers, and members of the legal profession
  • Service providers, Surveyors, Inspectors, Analysts, Technical advisers
  • Practicing cargo agents, Freight forwarders, Shipping Industry starters, cargo consolidators
  • Other professionals.

Course Content

  • At the end of the course, the participant will be able to conduct:
  • Measurement of the bunker tanker and receiving vessel, before and after delivery;
  • Bunker fuel sampling and testing to accepted industry standards;
  • Quantity delivered calculation, based on density testing;
  • Detailed bunker survey reports;
  • Sampling documentation photographs as requested or permitted.

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